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Please see the arts to interest your children

The good news is that creativity is a skill that can be learned and Queens Park Schools facilitates an environment where it is practiced daily. This includes three academic subjects, Art, Drama and Music, various clubs and societies, cultural assemblies and tours, drama productions, the annual Visual Art Exhibition and numerous musical events throughout the year.

The Arts

QPS believe that Music, Drama, Dance and the Fine Arts are such an important facet of any child’s development and we believe that allowing children to discover their own creativity is vital, we call upon our parents to encourage their children to attend these classes.

Louise Hefer is responsible in nurturing the talents of QPS learners in the areas of music, art and drama. She is passionate Arts teacher with nearly 20 years of teaching experience.

She has a degree in music and received training in Drama, Dance and the Fine art. She is also a composer and songwriter and among other things, Louise can train choirs, give piano, vocals and also guitar.


Fine Art

Art students have access to the Art rooms before and after school through the use of access cards. Senior students work alongside younger students and the Art teachers are usually available to provide guidance and assistance until 16:00.

Once every term, we attend available exhibitions in the province. Learners are encouraged to attend and parents are supposed to pay entrance fees for their children to the galleries


Ballet helps develop motor skills, co-ordination and boosts concentration. It promotes strength and agility taught in a beautiful safe environment, it will allow your children to build friendships and foster positive teamwork.

Queens Parks Schools has partnered with a well-qualified ballet instructor to come and instruct our learners. It’s never too late for your children to realize their full potential. Parents will be expected to cover the training costs for their learners.


Our music classes also improve our learners listening, discipline, perseverance and learning skills. We have an extensive corroborative programme, which is an integral part of our teaching programme. By using the skills which they are taught in their individual lessons, instrumentalists, learners gain practical experience in making music with others. The majority of corroborative rehearsals take place in the morning before school and afternoon after school.

Besides performances for school events, engagements at community events and tours, the school has an ongoing series of termly concerts and cultural events throughout the year.


Our learners participate in creative and performing arts as a way to help them feel comfortable in their own skin, improving their self-belief and confidence as they continue to improve over time.

Their talents are showcased at our annual QPS Talent Show, where parents and the general public are invited to watch. Participating in these talent shows gives our learners recognition for non‐academic talents to encourage their love of the theatre and an appreciation of the Arts. We have an experienced team to create some QPS wonderful productions. Other events during the year include the inter-house plays.