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    Enrolment procedure

    To enrol your child at QPS, you will need to make an application to the school. This application will require some documentation, required for all parents, as well as additional documents if you are a foreign national.

    Documentation requirements include:

    1. The child’s unabridged birth certificate
    2. Immunization and vaccination cards/certificates
    3. A recent school report card for learners who have attended another school previously
    4. From Grades 2-and-up a transfer card from the child’s current school should also be included
    5. Certified copies of both parents’ or guardians’ identity documents
    6. Proof of income (either a most recent pay slip OR 3 month’s bank statements) and a proof of residence (utility bill).

    Additional documentation required from foreign nationals living in South Africa are:

    1. A study visa for the child
    2. Temporary visa or permanent residency permit from the Department of Home Affairs
    3. Evidence that you have applied for permission to stay in South Africa.