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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our registration number is 700400606.

No. The school does not have other branches and it is not affiliated with any international school.

No. Queens Park Schools is a mixed private school for both girls and boys from Grade RR to 12.

No Queens Park is not a new school. The school has existed since 2013, operating in the Johannesburg CBD which was not conducive for quality education. In 2019, the school received new funding and was rebranded to Queens Park Schools and relocated to Roodepoort.

Queens Park Schools prepares students for the real world; our model is a contemporary approach that is holistically integrated and based upon each learner’s individual needs and interests. This model offers a value-based educational approach that produces children who think critically, find solutions to challenges and ultimately succeed. Our ethos secures consistent high performance among both learners and teachers. The model extends beyond the confines of traditional academia to broader tuition in life and other communication skills, equipping children to meet life’s challenges in a global competitive world.

We are trying to maintain our smaller class sizes. Our classes are sitting at about 25 learners per classroom.

The uniform is on display in reception at the school. We have a distinctive, attractive and practical uniform (go to www.queensparkschool.co.za/uniform). In order to minimise costs to parents, the school does not buy the uniforms and resell them. Rather, the orders are placed with the school which passes them on to the tailor. Parents pay the tailor directly.

*NB Uniform fees are not refundable, even if the learner deregisters from the school, once the order has been placed.

Enrolment procedure:

To enrol your child at QPS, you will need to make an application to the school. This application will require some documentation, required for all parents, as well as additional documents if you are a foreign national.


Documentation requirements include:

  1. The child’s unabridged birth certificate
  2. Immunization and vaccination cards/certificates
  3. A recent school report card for learners who have attended another school previously
  4. From Grades 2-and-up a transfer card from the child’s current school should also be included
  5. Certified copies of both parents’ or guardians’ identity documents
  6. Proof of income (either a most recent pay slip OR 3 month’s bank statements) and a proof of residence (utility bill).

Additional documentation required from foreign nationals living in South Africa are:

  1. A study visa for the child
  2. Temporary visa or permanent residency permit from the Department of Home Affairs
  3. Evidence that you have applied for permission to stay in South Africa.

You will receive a confirmation e-mail of your child’s acceptance when we receive the completed application form, all required documentation, the non-refundable application fee and first month’s school fees. There is no formal application process or entrance testing, as enrolment is processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

It is very important to understand that we accept learners on a first-come, first-served basis!

Acceptance is based on receipt of the full application form, signed and initialled parent contract, all required documentation, and proof of payment of the non-refundable application and administration fee and first month’s fee. Both fees must be paid in order to guarantee your child’s acceptance, and no learner will be accepted if any of these items are outstanding. Please note that payment of the first month’s fee, application and administration fee alone does not guarantee placement, if the process is not followed, or there is no space available in the preferred grade of the school.

For grade RR, the child must be three years old or turning four by 30th June in the year of admission.

For grade R, the child must be four years old or turning five by 30th June in the year of admission.

For grade 1, the child must be five years old or turning six by 30th June in the year of admission.

For all other grade levels, the child must have completed the previous grade level.

Applications for next year are always open during the entire year, but to be included for the next school year, we need to have received your completed full application form, signed and initialled parent contract, all required documentation, and proof of payment of the non-refundable application and administration fees and first month’s fee. Both fees must be paid in order to guarantee your child’s placement, and no learner will be accepted if any of these items are outstanding. This must happen by no later than 2 weeks before the school start date.

No, we do not. However, there are several private school transports that offer these services. Transport is, however, provided for extra-mural activities using the QPS school buses.

It covers the entire application process and school administration costs for the entire year, including an enrolment assessment tests where necessary, the results of which will all be shared with you.

We have a number of payment plans and options – click here for full details.

All learners pay a non-refundable registration and administration fee of R2000 for new learners and R1500 for the returning learners. Learners are expected to pay for their extra mural activities that are not covered by the school, pay for their stationary, uniform, e-textbooks, tablets, meals, and school excursions.

No. Parents will have to pay for learning material. With our new e-learning system, we have integrated digital textbooks into our multifaceted learning environment, which includes readings, live sessions, group work, videos, podcasts and other interactive multimedia content.

Yes – when two or more siblings are concurrently learning at Queens Park Schools, the YOUNGER siblings will receive a 5% discount on their school fees.

If you have not paid your monthly fees in full by the 7th of any particular month, your child will not be admitted to classes the following day. If you drop your child off under these circumstances, we will phone you to collect him or her. If you do not collect them, then they will not be admitted to class, but will have to sit and await at reception for your collection. If, at the end of any term, fees are in arrears, then reports will be held by the patron, in his/her professional capacity until settlement of the account. Accounts that are one month in arrears will be handed over for legal collection.

No. However parents are expected to pay for some extra-mural activities. These can include swimming, ballet, etc. If the school organises different kinds of field trips, parents will be requested to pay for those fees and will be notified beforehand.

Parents will also be expected to cover the costs of an iPad, learner’s material costs, etc.

We currently don’t offer any financing options or bursaries.

A parent or guardian or sponsor unable to continue with their child/ren enrolments at Queens Park Schools due to valid reasons or circumstances beyond their control are entitled to refund as stipulated in our refund policy click here

  • A parent or guardian or sponsor who cancels his or her child/ren’s enrolment contract by notifying the school in writing.

Refunds will be made within 15 – 30 working days from the date of termination excluding registration and administration fees. Uniform, stationery, and library fees are not refundable once orders have been placed.

A parent or guardian or sponsor who withdraws after his/her child/ren’s commencement of classes, is entitled to a full refund of all school fees paid in advance except the current fees due for that period or month. No refund will be considered due to absenteeism such as being away on holiday, sickness or not turning up for classes

A student will only be refunded a net amount after all accounts have been reconciled. A student cannot be refunded until the accounts are up to date. All refunds are payable to the guardian/sponsor except with written notification from the sponsor – the case of trust funds, banks or employers of guardians and learner’s-will, funds are paid into the account of the named individual or firm. Refer to our refund policy and refund form for more information.

Not at the moment. Unfortunately, we found during our first year that, although some parents were exemplary in their handling of the Debit Orders, a majority did not provide funds for the transactions which ended up costing the company. For this reason, we do not offer Debit Order facilities. All payments are to be by EFT or swipe card. However, we highly recommend EFT payments.


Account Name: Queens Park Schools

Account No: 62800029557

Bank: FNB

Type: Cheque Account

Code: 254904

Branch: Cresta Mall

Ref: Learners’ Intials+Surname+Grade

Account name: Queens Park Schools

Account No: 4098281496

Bank: ABSA

Account type: Cheque Account

Bank Code: 631205

Branch: Eastegate

Ref: Learners’ Intials+Surname+Grade

*NB Please be consistent with the references throughout the year.

Gates closes at 7h30. All learners must be seated in their classrooms by 7h45. Any learner who enters the school gates after 7h30 will be deemed late and will be given a late card. Also, a learner will be given a demerit points for consistent lateness. Please refer to our merit and demerit learner’s system and understand how it works.

We work from Monday to Saturday:

Monday to Friday; 7H00 to 16H00.

Aftercare; 15H30 to 18H00.

Saturday; 8H00 to 13H00.

We are closed on public holidays and Sunday

The school year is split into four terms, please click for the school calendar or alternatively ask the administrator at the reception for one to get the current year’s dates. The calendar will include all the planned school activities.

We use CAPS curriculum as per the Department of Education.

Your child will first learn to use the Japanese abacus called a soroban. As soon as they understand how it works, they will then be taught to carry an image of the soroban in their heads (this is called anzan). As they progress from simple addition and subtraction through multiplication and division, they will practice with both a physical and a mental soroban.

Anzan results in the balanced development and co-operation of the child’s left brain (logical) and their right brain (pictorial). The outcomes are truly amazing. To watch some of the South African children doing these sums, take a look at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cx_dslUE0H4. Notice their fingers working the soroban in their heads.

You can log onto Queens Park Schools Online after two weeks at any time to see the current academic performance of your child. In addition, you and your child will have a video call with their teacher every 2-4 weeks to discuss progress or alternatively set up an early morning or late afternoon meeting with the parent to discuss their academic progress. Furthermore, the teacher will include the learner’s academic progress in their communication books and reports will be issued out at the end of every term.

No. The one on the stationery list is a Russian abacus having 10 beads per wire and 10 wires. This is used to teach numeracy. The abacus used for Abacus Maths is a Japanese soroban. Each wire has beads 1 to 4, plus a 5 bead.

Abacus Maths books or starter kits must be purchased from the school separately.

Private Abacus Maths classes

Learners from other schools may participate in small group classes for R500 per month. The classes are held between 14h30 and 15h00 hours on Mondays through Thursdays (subject to openings being available).

Formative assessments and preparatory examinations are tested on a monthly basis.

Yes. On a monthly basis our teachers identify struggling learners. The parent is notified and measures are put in place to assist the struggling learner through extra classes. The school also offers extra classes every Saturday at no cost. Learners from other school can also attend at a cost.

We encourage students and parents to direct any questions directly to the learner’s dedicated Mentor. Students will also have access to their Tutors regarding academic queries, as well as, live tutor-led sessions every week. If the matter requires escalation, then the Mentor may refer the parent or student to contact either the Chief Academic Officer or the Registrar.

Queens Park Schools has a zero-tolerance policy towards any form of bullying. We know that students learn best in a safe and calm environment that is free from disruption or embarrassment. We take the following steps to address these matters:

  • Students, staff and parents are required to accept the rules of engagement set out by the institution. These rules set clear responsibility, boundaries and expectations for all parties. These rules outline the procedures that are followed where instances of bullying are reported as well as the sanctions imposed if the rules are found to have been breached.
  • Key staff members that engage with students during the learning journey complete intensive training that ensures they are fully equipped to offer all possible support when a student is in need.
  • Dialogue regarding the issue of bullying is an ongoing part of our learning community in an effort to further educate each school member, and strengthen their advocacy for inclusion and acceptance.
  • Engagements between individuals in the school are all held to this system and are monitored.
  • Where members of the learning community encounter engagements that are not appropriate, they are able to report the exact circumstance of that engagement, immediately.
  • Queens Park Schools is committed to working with a wider community of social services and local authorities to create safe and welcoming learning environment for all.

Queens Park Schools is strongly committed to offering an inclusive learning experience for any and all of our students. We want to celebrate their uniqueness and individuality, and our policies and rules support the need to uphold these principles.

Queens Park Schools asks that parents/guardians play a pivotal role as the ultimate custodians of their children’s education. As learner’s progress through their education they incrementally develop holistic skills such as responsibility, self-discipline and independence. Queens Park Schools believes in individuality, and that no one student or family is the same. Values differ from person to person and family to family. It is up to each individual parent to determine the exact nature of and degree of support they provide their child.

Yes, you should spend time improving your child’s reading and spelling skills because these are difficult exercises to carry out on one’s own – they need to read and spell out loud and be corrected where necessary. Abacus homework, however, is strictly not for parent participation. We believe that providing support to your teen is about being involved in, and encouraging their holistic development.

Queens Park Schools enables a variety of options to support parents/guardians’ involvement, such as:

  • Monthly calls that include the student, their parent/guardian and the student’s dedicated Mentor
  • Regular access to academic progression online
  • Opportunities to attend meet-ups between students and school ceremonies
  • Receive school newsletters every month to give insight into what has been happing at school. You can also place an advert in our monthly school newsletters at an affordable fee
  • Access to speak with their child’s dedicated Mentor
  • Ensure their learners do their homework, sleep early, pack healthy food and dress neatly every day.

No. Children should bring their own lunch. However, we do have a school canteen which sells recommended food for the learners. Click here for the school menu.

We also provide learners with micro oven to warm up their food. However, we recommend learners not to pack pork if they intend to use the school micro oven to be considerate of students’ dietary restrictions.

No. Learners drink tap water directly from the tap or from the water dispensers which are strategically located around the school’s premises. They should also bring their own water bottles.

Yes. We offer year round swimming lessons in the neighbourhood of the school and Roodepoort Sports Centre for soccer and netball.

We offer Swimming, Soccer, Netball, Chess. Creative Arts, Hockey and Ballet Dance. Please note parents will be expected to pay for swimming, ballet and other sports that might require some costs. Refer to the school calendar for our sports activities. Our extra-mural programme is up and running throughout the year. Please encourage your children to choose one activity each afternoon. It encourages sportsmanship, friendship, positive competition, co-operation and keeps them out of other unsupervised activities.

Yes. Queens Park Schools has taken over the nearby properties which are strictly for development. New classroom blocks will be erected including a swimming pool. Click here for the computerized artistic plan for the future developments.

No. Management and direction of the school is in the hands of the owners and the staff, all of whom will be available at various times to discuss the children’s needs.