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In order to attend QPS payment of school fees is compulsory.

  • For new applicants and returning learners, a non-refundable registration and administration fee is applicable.
  • This registration and administration fee secures a student’s place and covers all the administrative costs with regards to admission at QPS (these are not refundable).
  • Applications will not be processed until the full registration and administration fee has been received by the school.
  • Parents should expect school fees to increase by a cost of living adjustment on an annual basis in line with inflation.
  • We do offer discounts for a second family member as well as discounts on fees paid in full before schooling starts. We do not offer bursaries.
  • School fees does not include costs for uniforms, stationery, textbooks, educational outings, field trips and co-curriculum activities that require payments.

Banking Details

SCHOOL FEES ONLY OTHER PAYMENTS ONLY (stationary, uniform, e-textbooks, meals, and school excursions)

Account Name: Queens Park Schools

Account No: 62800029557

Bank: FNB

Type: Cheque Account

Code: 254904

Branch: Cresta Mall

Ref: Learners’ Intials+Surname+Grade

Account name: Queens Park Schools

Account No: 4098281496

Bank: ABSA

Account type: Cheque Account

Bank Code: 631205

Branch: Eastegate

Ref: Learners’ Intials+Surname+Grade

*NB Please be consistent with the references throughout the year.

Fee (Once Off)Registration & AdministrationE-Learning Textbooks & Library GR 1-6
New LearnersR2500 (Non Refundable)Grade RR-R (R600), Grade 1-3 (R1100), Grade 4-6 (R1600) *Prices are subject to change
Old LearnersR2000 (Non Refundable)Grade 7-12 Must buy their own text books. Request for the list of acceptable textbooks

2025Early Bird 5% Discounted Annual2.5% Discounted Annual1.5% Discounted Annual
Annually Fees(Excluding Discounts)Only if paid in advance before 3rd January 2025 by EFTOnly if paid in advance before 2nd January 2025 by EFTPayment must be paid at the beginning of each termPaid Over 11 Months
Per Month
(Excluding Discounts)
Payment Option 1Payment Option 2Payment Option 3Payment Option 4
Grade RR-RR17 050R16 198R16 624R4 1999R1 550
Grade 1-3R19 250R18 288R18 769R4 740R1 750
Grade 4-6R20 350R19 333R19 841R5 011R1 850
Grade 7R20 900R19 855R20 378R5 147R1 900
Grade 8-9R22 000R20 000R21 450R5 418R2 000
Grade 10-11R25 355R24 987R24 721R6 244R2 305
Grade 12R27 500R26 125R26 813R6 772R2 500
AftercareR6 000---R545

Extramural Activities

Ballet is Free, Music and School Band is Free, Art and Drama is free and all other extra mural activities. Once off Swimming Maintenance Non-Refundable Levy of R500.

Sibling Discounts

When there are two or three children, the oldest sibling receives a 2.5% discount and other siblings will be charged normal school fees. The parent should consistently continue to pay his / her monthly payments. The discount will fall away in case of a payment default.