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Extra-mural activities are activities which fall outside the scope of our regular curriculum. We offer these activities to improve our learner’s academic performance. They also give our learners something fun to do aside from school and the chance to explore their passions which will lead them to discover things they may be interested in beyond academics.

In addition to the standard curriculum, QPS also offers:

  • Computer Classes
  • Swimming Lessons
  • Sports and Recreation
  • Creative and Performing Arts
  • Chess Lessons


At QPS we realise the importance of teaching children how to swim at an early age. Since child safety is one of our top priorities, we teach our kids how to be safe around water. We encourage our students to swim regularly as a significant benefit to their health. Swimming also encourages a healthy level of physical and social activity and provides a more effective workout than most other activities. We offer these classes at no additional cost.


Ballet helps develop motor skills, co-ordination and boosts concentration. It promotes strength and agility taught in a beautiful safe environment, it will allow your children to build friendships and foster positive teamwork. Queens Parks Schools has partnered with a well-qualified ballet instructor to come and instruct our learners. It’s never too late for your children to realize their full potential. Parents will be expected to cover the training costs for their learners


Our learners participate in creative and performing arts as a way to help them feel comfortable in their own skin, improving their self-belief and confidence as they continue to improve over time. Our dance class also improves their listening, discipline, perseverance and learning skills.

Their talents are showcased at our annual QPS Talent Show, where parents and the general public are invited to watch. Participating in these talent shows gives our learners recognition for non‐academic talents. It’s a wonderful teambuilding experience for all ages. These classes are also offered at no additional cost.


Our computer classes prepare our learners for the skills they need to engage in technology both safely and responsibly. We also teach computers to empower and educate our learners by providing them with the tools they need to thrive in an ever-changing digital world. Becoming computer literate means that our learners develop technological skills at an early age and improves their lifelong learning. The future success of our QPS students depends on them becoming digitally literate.

When combining digital and traditional literacies, not only do students learn how to read and write, but they also learn how to expand their communication, language and media skills. They grow and engage with the world through images, diagrams, audio and visual media, taking their reading and writing skills to a higher level of learning.


Chess is offered to our high school students as a way to improve our learners IQ and teach them cognitive skills. Other benefits of playing chess are increased problem-solving abilities, concentration and memory skills. Research conducted also shows that Chess exercises both the left and right sides of the brain.